The perils of insuring a car for business use

If you use a car for business purposes your insurance requirements are entirely different to those of motorists who simply drive to and from the same place of work five days a week. This can put you into a potentially awkward situation since insurance companies insist on full disclosure of all risks that they run when insuring you, whether they have specifically asked for these or not. It is now becoming quite common for insurance companies to refuse to pay out on claims on the grounds of nondisclosure of additional risks, even if these had nothing whatsoever to do with the reason for the claim. For example, a business man in Yorkshire had a claim refused recently on the grounds that he was carrying some small samples to show to a client, and another businessman whose car was vandalised could get nothing back from his insurer after they found out that it was parked outside a client's warehouse at the time of the damage, instead of the car park at his place of work where it should normally have been. It is therefore absolutely vital to inform insurers, to the best of your ability, of any extra risks they may run as a consequence of your use of a car for business purposes, and although this will almost inevitably mean an increase in premiums it would also make it extremely less likely that you would face a blank refusal from your insurer to pay out if you were unlucky enough to have to submit a claim.

Why using a price comparison site may not be a good idea.

The majority of price comparison websites make certain assumptions when they produce their list of offers, and these are usually based on a theoretical average motorist driving an average car for an average mileage, parking it both overnight and during working hours in a fairly secure environment. This is something which can cause untold problems for those drivers, particularly those who drive in the course of their business, who at best find that when they finalise their proposal form the price has gone up substantially from the one quoted by the comparison site, and at worst that they simply weren't covered at all after an accident. In many cases price comparison websites can encourage motorists to buy cover at the lowest possible price but many people feel that they make to little effort to ensure that this cover meets all the needs of the client.

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